Lyantonde school of Nursing is a center of excellence for providing knowledge, practical skills and high level of competence where both local and international Nurses & Midwives share the best practices to participate fully in improving peoples’ lives for sustainable livelihoods.

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Key Success

Our key success factors are aiming at imparting versatile knowledge to all trainees as highlighted below;

Provision of high quality services

The primary objective is to provide academic (knowledge) and practical (skills) excellence to trainees. For this reason therefore, quality staff, well-motivated and experienced personnel is employed.

Cooperation and team work

The school is run and developed by a team professionals with various technical and managerial skills. This is streamline cooperation within and outside the school between the stake holders such as proprietors, board members, employees, parents, suppliers and learners as this is so vital. Advice is received in a positive way and regular meetings are made between all stake holders to sustain and maximize efficiency.


A well-motivated employee serves with undivided heart. Basing on this back ground, a lot of emphasis is undertaken to ensure reasonable working conditions, remuneration that tallies to a bigger extent with the workers’ needs while upholding their interests in order to keep their morale high and maximize their productivity.
Trainees in addition to give them satisfactory knowledge and skills are also motivated by training them in extracurricular(interactive learning) skilling like games, sports, religious and political discussion to increase their awareness and gain being trained as a complete human being holistic education. Trainees are also motivated by giving them presents especially those who excel in the various activities, such as academics, games and sports as well as in commendable discipline. We plan always to recognize the best achievers as a sign of motivating them. Constant guidance, counseling and listening to their problems with empathy will always be done.

Effective supervision

This is to ensure that the objectives of the school are achieved as they are planned, that appropriate syllabus coverage is covered as planned, ensuring a conducive environment, checking of tutors content and delivery, monitoring trainees activities while at school and during internship, checking their note books and trainees’ self-developed portfolios, profiles, making trainees appraise their tutors/teachers after every course/module and all other school programs.

2.5 Discipline

Without discipline, project objective can never be realized. It’s for this reason that the discipline for both trainees and the employees has to be ensured. The School rules and regulations is put in place and followed so that students and the school employees abide by them. See appendix 1: school rules.
Educational codes of conduct for staff members are also reviewed more often during meetings to ensure that the workers live up to their expectations and also to make sure that they do not move off truck. Each worker shall follow his/her professional code of conduct as stipulated and be ethical.

Time management

Since every second passes carries weight, time will always be a key success factor. Both trainees and employees are coached with the values of effective time management since time once lost can never be gained.

Smartness and Cleanliness

The outward picture in most cases portrays what the inside is. With proper hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation even other objectives like order both in the body and soul are achieved. We target ensuring order and tidiness and organization in all that we do.

Meeting government obligations

With and within the government we live. Government is our key partner in development. It is a strong key success factor to follow government’s guide lines like payment of taxes, licenses and observing government public holidays and other regulatory requirement through the ministry of education and sports and those of ministry of Health. Government approval process was respected for effective quality assurance benchmarking and guidelines step by step and this strategic plan is intended to continuously meet government minimum requirements. The whole strategy is to set infrastructure, equipment, human resources according to government regulation. Therefore who ever supports this business plans is indeed supporting what the government of Uganda requires a heath training school to be.