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Detail About How To Apply

Ready to take the next step? Applying to LSNM is just a click. Whether you are just starting to explore your career options, or you have already chosen a course that interests you – we are ready to help you get started and we’ll be here to support you along the way. Our courses are focused on giving you the knowledge and the hands-on experience to excel wherever your journey takes you.

How to Apply

  • For short competency-based professional development courses apply online at no cost
  • For academic programs apply online at a non-refundable fee of UGX 50,000/=. Please ensure to check for the application deadline and the learning commencement dates. For more details contact


Before you apply to any programme at MIHS, ensure to inspect the requirements of that programme to make sure you qualify for it. For more information about that program, contact the Dean of the school where that program will be offered.


    Copies of O (UCE) and A (UACE) level Certificates, Degree certificates, and transcripts or their equivalent from a recognized institution.

National ID or Passport & 2 passport size photographs.

LSNM teaches the concept of a self-renewing and regulating aspects to create professionally-defined medical personnel
The core meaning of the word “respect” is to give something or someone particular attention and consideration which is a key requirement.
At LSNM, research integrity is not only about following rules. It also requires personal engagement and competence.
Moral responsibility is a virtue highly valued at LSMN for individuals to properly respond to the outcomes of their choices and actions.

The Application Process


Start Online Submission

Our easy application form will ask you some basic questions about your education history to help us understand your academic level.

Review The Submission

Before you submit the completed application, read through it one last time for typos and without redundant information?

Submit The Form

To submit the application, click the Submit button. This button is activated only when all required sections of the application are filled in.

Gather Necessary Documents

You'll need to provide translated copies of your academic and identification documents for the interview process.

Interviewing Process

Once you've sent us your documents, LSNM registrar office will contact you within two working days and help you with the next steps.

Last Decision

Once approved, you'll receive an email with your enrollment start date.

Things To Know First

Before you submit the completed application, read through it one last time for typos and to make sure it flows. Is anything missing or redundant? Would you fund the program or project? If your answer to those questions is "no" and "yes," your work is almost done.

  • A qualification on paper is not a guarantee of a successful career.
  • Success is fear of God, discipline and hard work.
  • To nurture a learner calls for participation of various stake holders.
  • The main role of education is to enhance life and sustainable development.

When To Apply?